Sunday, August 7, 2011

more verdant meadows

This should come as a surprise to none of you since I imagine it's become abundantly clear, but I've recently lost, oh, 90% of my enthusiasm for blogging. It was great fun for several months, but after a year, it's just gotten old. Once in a while, I'm actually excited by the combination of clothes I've donned. Most of the time, however, I don't feel compelled to take a picture of what I'm wearing. I still love clothes, still love getting dressed, but I think I'm no longer as excited by my own style as I once was, if that makes sense. A year ago, I was still coming into my own, and each outfit was evidence of growth, was an exercise in sartorial thought, was an important moment in some narrative of personal style. Or some such nonsense. These days, it often feels self-indulgent or self-congratulatory to take outfit photos.

Beyond that, so much of blogging is about reading other people's blogs. The problem is that after spending eight hours a day staring at a computer at work and what must amount to as much during the school year, it's really hard to drum up any enthusiasm for spending more time looking at a screen, no matter how much I might otherwise enjoy what I'm reading.

So, the big idea I've been spiraling down to, in what I imagine to be be a quite obvious manner, is that I don't think I'm going to be posting on Oh So Sophi anymore. I no longer derive much enjoyment out of it, nor do I feel much excitement for it. It's kind of just become a source of unnecessary guilt--I haven't written in my blog in weeks, I never read anyone else's stuff... Who needs that?

Anyway, I still spend a lot of time browsing the Internet, reading blogs, and writing, and I'd like to keep a little home on the web for housing my discoveries, musings, and, undoubtedly, the occasional outfit. Enter Tumblr, which feels far more casual (i.e., not so grandiosely This Is My Blog) and speaks more to what I want to do, I think: write without feeling obligated to keep it illustrated and expurgated, post outfits without adding in mundane details about my day, and share music and finds without providing more context than necessary.

There's not a lot up yet, but here's where you'll find me:

I also just want to take a moment to thank everyone and anyone who's ever stopped by my blog for your readership and support. In all earnestness, the mere fact that people might be interested in what I have to say (or what I wear) has been so validating and empowering for me, so thank you for your time :)

And, a special thank you shout-out to Michal, Annebeth, Chelsea, Nnenna, Lauren, and Laurel for all of the friendship and support. I hope to stay in touch with you all! And don't be surprised if I tumbl your look!

Lots of love,