Sunday, May 29, 2011

real guys go for real down-to-mars girls

blouse: from Empire Vintage -- pants: thrift -- shoes: target

I can't believe the school year is almost over! By June 8, I'll be completely done. What a thought. No homework for three and a half months. Goodness me!

I really like these pants, in spite of the fact that they're really similar to the color scrubs are and also kind of look like clown pants.

This is a much more accurate representation of my personality than all of these smizing pictures.

Not getting enough sleep sometimes... Always lots of reading and assignments and essays and grading and extracurriculars.

Today's title comes from OutKast--"Roses," one of my favorite dance jams.


Lowri said...

I love your trousers.. the colour is amazing :) great outfit :)


SomeoneLikeYou said...

I know how anxious you are to get out of school because I feel the exact same way! I get out of school the 9th, and it seems as though that glorious day can't come soon enough...

You look just smashing in these pants, Sophi! They really, really suit you well :D

thechyrelgomez said...

i really love the vintage trousers and top. :)

AnnaBananaCupcake said...

Looking good! I really like the print on your shirt.

JennaStevie said...

Ohhh these blue pants looks so wonderful with the purple top! Great pattern on it too, this is really lovely. I bet your super excited for summer to come :)

Chelsea Lane said...

HA I love your true personality photo. makes me want to MEET YOU! this summer for sure in san fran!!! love these trousers girl, they look like amazing clown scrub pants on you ;)


Michal said...

yay i love you. these pictures are awesome. :D especially the 2nd two! Those pants are hot stuff and I really need them!! I miss thrifting so bad. I'm gonna go thrifting craaazzzyy when i get back.

Richard James Arredondo said...

Very inspiring blog. Your style is so one of a kind. It's truly adorable.