Tuesday, June 21, 2011

eat plenty of lasagna until you know that you've had your fill

dress: vintage, altered by me -- vest: thrift, sleeves cut off by me :P -- scarf: thrift -- boots: thrift

I may have mentioned on here like thirty or forty times that I'm incredibly irreverent and silly. See Exhibit A above.

I had a wonderful day yesterday. Nothing that dramatically amazing happened, but the entire day was just a series of small-time awesome happenings. To start things off, I was wearing my favorite dress (seen here), and my morning train was a bit late, meaning I got to spend a few minutes sitting on the platform instead of my usual mad rushing.

Once on the train, I snagged a single seat on the upper level and enjoyed the air conditioning. When the train arrived in San Francisco, I made my way out of the station toward ModCloth only to realize that I'd left the book I'd been reading on the train. Since SF is the last stop, I could have just gone back to get it. But I realized that I felt relieved--liberated, even. See, I'd been reading Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace. And I'd only ever heard good things. And I really wanted to like it. And I enjoyed the writing itself, but just found it... boring. Tedious. Did I mention that it's 1000+ pages with what must be a good 150 pages of 8 pt font end notes? Yeah. So I just left it there. I bought it with money from a psych study anyway, and it was only $10 to start with, so. Not much of a loss.

Work was a lot of fun yesterday. I had a varied set of tasks to attend to and enjoyed the inherent interest the diversity afforded. In case you're curious, I spend my days writing copy for newsletters and contests, writing tweets, writing product descriptions, keeping up writing team output stats, and working on a couple internal projects I've initiated.

Anyway, since the vegetarian catering we had at an event last Friday ran out really quickly, leaving many vegetarian employees hungry (not me of course; I am almost always in the front of every single food line), the lovely people of ModCloth ordered vegetarian catering for the entire office! It was, without a doubt, one of the best five meals I've eaten in my entire life. I had truffle-oil-infused macaroni and cheese, penne with killer pesto, and this absolutely amazing hot eggplant Parmesan sandwich on ciabatta with pesto and red pepper and melty cheese. I went all Liz Lemon--I filled up my plate to its maximum capacity and then went back to my desk to hunker down and eat it like I meant it. So good.

And the winning didn't stop there! I met up with my dear friend Matt for dinner, and we tried a great little Indian place that we found with the Yelp app on my phone. Nice work, technology! We've known each other since I was 13 and he was 11--just coming up on seven years of friendship, actually. He's like my honorary little brother or something. Okay, so now he's 18 and I'm 19, and we're totally peers, but still. Honorary little brother.

I stopped at CVS on my way home to get a couple things, and I treated myself to a red lipstick since I've been meaning to try it for something like a year at this point. When I went to make my purchase, I used a $5 ExtraBuck coupon, which always feels good in and of itself. But then my receipt printed with $9 in ExtraBucks. Whaaat! Like I said, little moments of awesomeness. All day.

When I got to my room, I saw that my mom had not only bought me new sheets since my old ones were all pilled and scratchy but had already laundered them! And, oh, yeah, my beautiful new Seychelles from Piperlime that I scored for 50% off had arrived, and they fit like a dream.

Pretty unbeatable, right? Goodness, what a great day. Ended it with a lovely phone chat with Bobby. Nice.

In closing, here's a picture of a cat that I drew in a bedspread.

Today's title comes from Ween -- "Roses Are Free," a truly bizarre food-themed song that is Sam's and my JAM. The lyric in question is in honor of the tasty (albeit not terribly filling) lasagna I had for lunch today.


Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark said...

I'm completely jealous of your job! It sounds really fun.
Also, that dress, I totally see why its your favorite! The beadspread cat looks very much like the Simba thing form the Lion King that Rafiki draws in his tree...you know what I'm sayin haha?

Michal said...

haha Kallie. I love that you referenced the Lion King. Perfect.

Anyways Soph, I'm so glad you had an awesome day!! Your job sounds like SO much fun & that food!! I would totally of gone Liz Lemon too. I love when everything just falls into place for a perfect day. :)

Also I love that first photo. It's photos like that that make me really wish I lived in Cali so we could hang out all the time.

Annebeth said...

luuuurv your description of your day. Just goes to show that it really depends on your mindset: small things like a late train or losing a book could be considered really sucky on a bad day, or just liberating and chilled out on a good day. Bet you were a ray of sunshine today! love your gypsy-ish outfit btw, I went gypsy too today! lovelyyyy

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

hehe i love exhibit A. you are too cute and funny. love that dress!!

Nnenna said...

Aww, I'm happy that you had such a good day Sophi! I love days like that where are the little things are great! =)

star-crossed smile

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