Wednesday, September 8, 2010

polyvore fun!

Rebecca of The Clothes Horse is promoting a really cool online boutique Ruche on her blog, and I hopped over to the Ruche blog and found a cool Polyvore contest. Erin of Calivintage (my all-time-favorite blog) had a Polyvore contest for one of her sponsors, Clever Nettle Vintage.

I decided to enter, even though I'd never used Polyvore before. Because most of my clothes are thrifted or vintage, I don't have a huge impulse to make outfits. I shop online very infrequently--I just browse like crazy.

I've really enjoyed using Polyvore, though. My normal getting-dressed inhibitions are shed. I'm more willing to try trends and take risks, but I still think the finished products are things that I would actually wear.

Here's a few of my outfits!
A collage for Ruche
Fall into Florals at Ruche

Fall into Florals at Ruche by SophiN featuring a pouch handbag

Here, I wanted to go for a fall outfit that kept the vibrant colors of summer while still being fairly warm. I love the combination of rich reds with dark or muted greens. I guess it reminds me of Christmas or something! It just screams "cozy" to me. I'd add in my favorite grey blue tights to this ensemble, too.

A collage for Clever Nettle Vintage
Another Clever Nettle Fall '10

Another Clever Nettle Fall '10 by SophiN featuring a flat oxford

I am really proud of this outfit! I think it's great for transitioning into fall. The colors in the outfit are pretty light except for the shirt, which really plays up the autumnal side of things. The textures are varied and rich--linen, leather, and nubby knit. And I just LOVE that green bag. It's a nice little pop of color. And I have to find some of that maroon polish.

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Stacie said...

Great outfits. I know someone who can knit a moebius scarf like that one in the first outfit. For free! Of yarn that you approve!