Sunday, June 12, 2011

a fun place to eat!

shorts: thrift -- blazer: thrift -- shoes: thrift -- belt: thrift -- top: stolen from my mom five years ago

Hey guys, do you see what's happening in that photo? Do you see what I'm doing? I'M SMILING! Ce n'est pas possible! Laughing, even :)

After seeing all of Kristen Wiig's adorable boyfriend blazers in Bridesmaids (which was fantastic), I was eager to bust mine out for a day of adventures with my friend Bobby. We ate brunch at this diner near my parents' house that I've always secretly longed to try and he just randomly took me to. Nice. The diner advertises itself as being "A Fun Place to Eat!" and the whole thing is covered in these absurd signs with gruesome usage errors and gag-worthy jokes. It's awesome.

My new Taylor & Ng Catbear trivet/wall hanging. $1 at this little thrift store in Felton.

Most adorbs church ever, right? And these last two photos are from my brand new smartphone!

I managed to drop my old phone in the toilet on Tuesday night (damn back pockets...), and it seemed like as good an excuse as any to finally cross over. Of course, my phone still worked once I let it dry, but after such trials as falling 30 feet off a roof, spending a night in the bushes (there was a slug on it in the morning), and a previous aqueous adventure, I figured it probably didn't need any more of my abuse.

I'd been apprehensive about getting a smartphone because I'm already in front of a computer so often that taking a break seemed like a pretty good idea. But I found myself constantly wishing I could have access to the Internet and my email when I'm on-the-go, so I just went for it. I opted for the Droid X2 because it has a giant beautiful screen perfect for perusing blogs and ModCloth and reading Wikipedia and, once I figure out how, watching movies and shows.

The last week of my life has been positively absurd--two final essays, a final exam, moving out of my dorm, shifts at my job in the photo lab, seeing friends before they leave for the summer, and going to ModCloth all day. What I'm lacking in sleep I'm making up for in fun though! Life is awesome :)

I'm working on a serious-ish post I'm really excited to share with all of you! I think you'll love it. I'm aiming for Tuesday.


Mitzi said...

You look awesome!! I love your shorts and shoes, and you're totally rocking the boyfriend blazer :D Watching Bridesmaids made me wish I had one too. Soooo good.
That diner sounds amazing!
M xo

Annebeth said...

you look great, perfect professional chic look :) and I can't wait to read your serious-ish post!! :-D make it a good one, you know you can!

Jo said...

Your wall hanging is gorgeous! And I love love love your shoes!


christina said...

blue boyfriends' blazer looks niiice on u! :)

Michal said...

ha i pretty much wore this same outfit a couple of days ago!! except my shorts were a light blue and my blazer was black. great minds i tell ya! glad life's been treating you well. :)

SomeoneLikeYou said...

Even when you're not looking into the souls of your readers with your expert smize, your smile is just captivating! You are just too Gorgeous,Sophi!

I can't wait for Tuesday to read this serious post that you've mentioned. I'm in love with deep, serious posts that get me thinking.

Elizabeth of PrettyNiftyThriftyFashion said...

oh i just love your blazer and shorts!!! so so cute and wasnt bridesmaids hilarious!!

JennaStevie said...

When I saw bridemaids all I kept thinking was how much I loved kirstin wigs wardrobe and I wanted to steal her blazers!
I love yours with those shorts and the blouse. You look super cute

Rachel Emma (Daydream Frenzy) said...

Haha I loved Bridesmaids too!! Kristin Wiig is amazinggg. I wish I had more blazers, but the only one I own I got at F21 and it's super itchy!!

Wow most of your outfit is thrifted, that's awesome! I need to work on my thrifting skills to be honest...


Anti said...

Hiii Sophi....this outfit is awesome, I used your photo from chictopia for my post in my blog like i said in Chictopia, thank you so much for allow me used you photo, i also link it to your blog...

Have a nice day ^^