Saturday, June 18, 2011

i only play it for real

blazer: Moschino via Goodwill -- jeans: Levi's -- shoes: Taryn by Taryn Rose via Goodwill

Short, sweet, and shallow today :P

My picture is a little fuzzy today because it's from my Android, which takes great close-up shots but less-than-stellar outfit-distance photos. So, I'm not diggin' my jeans. They're just $40 Levi's jeggings, and they tend to bunch up like crazy at my knees (see photo). Furthermore, being jegging-y, their wash leaves something to be desired. I'm in the market for some great high-waisted jeans, preferably in a clean dark rinse. Any suggestions?

So I've been on a huge pink kick recently, and when I saw this blazer on the rack at Goodwill on Thursday night I got really excited. And then I took it off the rack and saw that it was a freakin' MOSCHINO blazer. For $8. Winning!

I wanted to keep it really casual today since my allergies are getting me down. And pants just sounded great--it'd been a while.

Today's title comes from The Brian Jonestown Massacre -- "Anemone," my official 2011 summer jam. Check it! You want to! Seriously!


Melanie said...

That blazer! Pure love! :) xx

Nnenna said...

Your pink blazer is so awesome! What an amazing find! Boo, for allergies- I know how you feel. I hope they ease up soon!

star-crossed smile

Chelsea Lane said...

that blazer looks amazing on you soph! what a great designer find :) hope you find some pants!!


SomeoneLikeYou said...

My jaw pretty much dropped when I saw this blazer, and it dropped even more when I saw the label... You are seriously a thrifing godess! Please, take me where you go ;)

JennaStevie said...

This blazer is amazing!! I love that you lerft the rest of the outfit fairly simple, let the blazer have all the attention. This colour looks really wonderful on you

Annebeth said...

amagad that BLAZER is a DREAM! I wish I had blond hair, pink always looks just that tad more perfect with blond hair. you babe you!

Vanessa, Take only Memories said...

Really lovely blazer!

Liz said...

I gotta say thanks for introducing me to Brian Jamestown Massacre. What a great band! Also, I've had some luck finding good skinny jeans at, of all places, Pac Sun.

Liz said...