Thursday, March 3, 2011

do you wanna make tea at the BBC?

Busting out my corporate executive pose:

blazer: found in my high school's costume closet -- skirt: thrift -- shirt: thrift -- shoes: Pour la Victoire via Loehmann's

Today I got to pretend to be a serious grown up! I had my final presentation in my postmodernism/writing/oral communications/research class, and part of the assignment was to dress nicely. One of my classmates showed up in a tux, just to be tongue-in-cheek. Since it was supposed to be formal, I went out and bought nylons since my skirt is already informally short. These nylons were the closest I was able to get to my natural paleness, but they were a little too tan still. I am absurdly pale.

The paper I presented today is about postmodern notions of authenticity and identity as seen through the case study of thrift and vintage fashions. That's right; I did a serious assignment about thrift style. Remember that survey I posted up here a few weeks ago about thrifting? I used quotes from  you!

My presentation is a solid 11 minutes, but I've uploaded the whole thing to share with you in the (vain?) hope that someone out there will watch it ;) Sorry you can't read the slides... they're all just words anyway.

More than Just Dress-Up: Constructing an Authentic Identity from sophi on Vimeo.

Today's title comes from The Clash -- Career Opportunities. Seemed appropriate given how much today felt like playing academic. And I've got summer internships on the mind. Hmm.


existentialmigrant said...

i watched the whole thing! i enjoyed your speech, and your outfit was very cute, too. quick question: i didn't know you could take things from the costume closet and keep them. did you steal your perfect blazer? :) Love you and miss you.

blouse said...

awesome idea for a presentation.

and you do look very professional!


elanor, said...

what a great presentation! i loved it. and i think you hit your point right on the head.

and you look so stylin' and profesh! :) cutecutecute!

Jenny Morris said...

you continue to amaze me. you make all my profs look like boring shams. i wish you i could take a class by you called thrift vintage. could you imagine?!

TrophyBoutique said...

Is this the first time I noticed what an awesome butt you have? Maybe. Your butt looks awesome in that skirt!

I love your professional look. I watched only a little bit of the video because I have to go to friggin work, but what I watched sounded very smart and interesting. You are gonna ace this class. Even without a tux.

mary louise said...

i really love your shirt and shoes! and i love your blog, it's awesome. i'm now following and look forward to more posts!

i hope you'll check mine out and follow!

SomeoneLikeYou said...

You look so incredibly cute in buisness wear! Goodness,what an adorable little buisness woman you make... I watched your presentation and I admire how confidently and strongly you gave your speech. You seemed so fearless!

P.S. I must say that I also really, really like your ruffle blouse, as well...heh :D

keith said...

You seem a natural in front of the classroom. Hmm ...

Michal said...

I loved your presentation! Thanks SO much for posting it. Your points were well-expressed & you came across as extremely articulate. :)

x michal

PS You look pretty damn cute in office wear too. (Oh and I can't find nylons light enough for me either.) ^_^

Ria :) said...

lovellyy outfit


Mugdha said...

Your business look is adorable! I watched some of the video too, and you're very articulate and put-together. It sounds very smart. I'm sure you rocked it!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if you had any recommendations as to where to find a vintage-y prom dress...I've been looking at thrift stores, but I never find any that are remotely in the realm of what I'm looking for.