Saturday, March 19, 2011

take me in and dry the rain

dress: thrift -- boots: thrift -- shirt: thrift -- tights: Marshall's -- leather jacket (next photo): thrift

100% thrift today, not counting tights. It's raining like crazy today, which I normally wouldn't mind, but it's supposed to keep raining the whole way through my spring break. Lame! I just took all my spring clothes up to school with me, too. :(

I've been using my camera that I bought in 2005 to take photos for these last two posts since it somehow manages to take way sharper photos than my camera from 2008. Oh well. It has some dead pixels and a weird dark spot, but it also has a swivel LCD like a video camera. Meaning that I can actually see where I am in the shot while I'm waiting for the self timer to go off. Very convenient.

Tomorrow, I'm going to finish up my Etsy stuff and catch up with all of your blogs. In the meantime, I am basking in the wonderful feeling of not having any pressing engagements or tasks.

Today's title comes from The Beta Band -- Dry the Rain. Such a nice mellow jam, and it's in one of my favorite scenes in my favorite movies, High Fidelity.


Mademoiselle Antonova said...

I like how you've matched a soft polka dot skirt with an edgy leather jacket!
Yay for the spring break! I can't wait for mine...
Too bad about the rain though; the weather is often miserable here, but TODAY we had a warm sunny Saturday with no wind and not a cloud in the sky- I'm still in disbelief!
Btw- a camera from 2005... with a move-able screen... canon powershot a95 per chance? :) I used to have/love this one!

Gertrude said...

The crop top is lovely! It didn't rain today, but the forecast doesn't look too good for next week :( xo

TrophyBoutique said...

I once had a high school art assignment to paint one small section of the Guernica here, and I am having major flashbacks right now. That with the Smiths poster....Seriously. Are you me?

I love your rainy day outfit. Sometimes a girl just has to rock the dark colors.

elanor, said...

cute top layered over the dress! i need to try something like that.

i can't believe it's raining this much! i still like it, but i think i'm going to get sick of it soon...especially seeing all these pretty sunny spring photos around the blogosphere!


Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark said...

thats so weird about your newer camera, but hey, whatever works right? sometimes the only way for me to get a good shot is with my webcam. weeiiird!
lovin the outfit today, the monochrome with the little details of dots and embroidery are perfect.

Nnenna said...

Your polka dot dress is so pretty and looks great paired with that leather jacket! That's so funny about your camera, but recently I've been thinking that my phone takes better pictures than my actual camera does! haha :D

Annebeth said...

you look like an awesome chick. You are wearing like the awesome chick uniform yo.

and I don't always wear fancy shoes! I wear casual shoes all the time! :D