Monday, March 14, 2011

please forgive my silence

In the past week, I have...

Written 6,500 words of essays
Printed 7 photographs (each one representing between 1-3 hours of work)
Attended 6 classes
Taught 1 class
Cleaned up after the mess left by cooking dinner for 50 people 2 times
Cleaned 1 bathroom
Read for 3 hours blogging just hasn't been in the mix. But things should be back to normal starting Tuesday or Wednesday

In the interim, here are some collages I threw together of pre-blog outfits or outfits I didn't end up posting. Some of these are as old as the summer before my senior year of high school. Note the awesome bathroom outfit photos.

I suppose it's an opportune moment to mention that I've decided to start growing my hair out! Not to the way it is in those photos, but to about my shoulders. I'm hoping to rock a nice shag, the big girl version this haircut that I had when I was 13. Just maybe actually styled a bit instead of just left to dry and a bit more layered...

Note the iMac in the background.

All right, 17 photos of me is way more than one post needs! I should get myself to bed before I turn into a pumpkin.

Also, an anonymous commenter asked for some hints about where to buy an awesome 80s prom dress. I can't tell you any specific places to look except in the San Jose area, but I see nice ones at Goodwill all the time. And Salvation Army, for that matter. As with all thrifting wants, it'll take a while to find the perfect one, so just be patient and open-minded. I bought my 60s floor length navy chiffon prom gown for $8 after buying a $35 80s one on Etsy that just wasn't working out.


SomeoneLikeYou said...

I'm pretty much in love with this post of yours! It is so interesting to see how you have envolved through the years. Both in how you look and your personal style. I can't wait to be able to hopefully look back on my previous outfits in a few yearsand see such a significant change in myself as I see with you!

P.S. I would absoultely love to see a picture of that thrifted 1960's prom dress some time.It sounds SO gorgeous! Not to mention it's highly ironic that I actually thrifted a 1950's prom dress for $8for my prom this year. What an odd coincidence!

blouse said...

love the time warp!! you were super cute in that last photo!!


jess said...

You have a really nice style.

Kate said...

Just found your blog and must say I am loving it. I love all the cute outfits in this post, but especially the last one. It almost has a Catholic School Girl vibe going on, except a whole lot more chic and adorable!

Good luck growing your hair out! I myself am attempting to do the same and it has been nothing but a headache, but I am finally getting somewhere. Mine is actually the same cute as yours, but with bangs straight across and some girl (lingering from an old perm from a year ago). It is a slow process, but I think once I get there, I will love it.

I see you mentioned San Jose? California, I presume? Do you live in the area? If so, you are the first blogger I have come across who lives in the same area as me!