Monday, November 8, 2010

i'm going where the sun keeps shining

sweater: thrift, $0.50 -- skirt: hand-me-down from Kendra -- tights: Urban Outfitters, $4 -- boots: thrift, $8

The light was so absolutely beautiful this afternoon that I couldn't resist taking like a bajillion pictures. I hope you enjoy looking at them! I had a blast taking them.

You may have noticed that I tend to wear more elaborate/unique outfits on Mondays. It's my favorite day of the school week, which might seem odd. It's just the day that I have the least commitments, and I don't have class until 1:15. The two classes I do have are my video art class and a discussion section for my art history class, which are a lot less of an intellectual drain than lectures. As a result of my good mood and rested-ness from the weekend, I tend to wear more playful things.

Anyway, I was putting together my outfit last night when I came upon this skirt while looking for a different one. It seemed like a sign. I love wearing really shiny things to class during the week. It makes me happy!

Aren't these leaves breathtaking against the low-angled afternoon sun?

Another reason to love sequins! Reflective surfaces provide endless opportunities for entertainment.

Not only did I get my hair cut on Thursday, I also gave my color a little refreshing! Yes, sadly, I am a faux-redhead. I think it suits my personality better than anything else though. I'd know, too... I've had everything from light brown to black hair from age 13 to now.

And in case this post didn't have enough photos of me ;) here's one of me and my mom circa 1996--aren't we pretty much twins? Not only do we look alike, we also have really similar personalities.  Do you look and/or act like your mom?

I remember making this for her. I discovered that acorns can write on rough surfaces, so I did the natural thing and made my mom an "I love you" note with an acorn on a brick that was a casualty of our remodel. I've always been weird if not affectionate. And yes, it says "Sophie"--I just dropped the "e" when I was 8 or 9 because I thought it wasn't cool. The rest is history.

Today's title is from Harry Nilsson -- "Everybody's Talkin'." Alex showed me an awesome documentary about Nilsson's self-destructive, tragic life called Who Is Harry Nilsson? Even though Nilsson is most famous for this song, it actually isn't one of his originals. The vocal is so perfect though that he really just owns it. Do you ever watch documentaries? What are some of your favorites?


Stacie said...

I hope I look at least a little like you, pretty girl.

Skippin' over the ocean like a stone.

Love the light in your photos today, but the sequined skirt . . . not sa'much. ;^)

Annebeth said...

I love your outfit, especially the color of the tights! is it me or are those tights raspberry smoothie pink? One of my fave colors yo. And I have a thing for sequined shorts and skirts so yeah, this one gets my approval as well! I love how you make an outfit with sequins and pink tights and still have the whole look being quite "normal" and casual, in a fun way of course. Or maybe I'm just jaded from spending too much time in the blogosphere.

Yeah, blogging is an addiction, but I make reason out of that addiction by assuring everyone, including myself, that I'm doing this to put it on my resume (I want to be a fashion journalist) once I get out of uni. And I'm pretty serious about it too! So I blog with a reason, WHAT'S YOUR EXCUSE

Rosie said...

I love these pictures - I've been wanting to take some in the autumn leaves - so beautiful! I'm now following you, would love if you'd give my blog a little visit too :)

Collette Osuna said...

LOVE the sparkly skirt:0 you look great!!

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head over heels said...

i like how you're wearing a sequin skirt in the day, the photos are fab and i love your hair :) x

Nnenna said...

This outfit is lovely- sequins during the day are so much fun! Also, it's really cool how your tights look two-toned in the 3rd picture. I'm now following you :)

Mademoiselle Antonova said...

lovely post! thanks for sharing the photos.
and yes, you definitely look like your mother... and have the same smile :D

Michal said...

Love these pictures! What a great skirt and I have a very similar sweater. (: That picture of your mom & you is so sweet. I don't really look like my mom, but I'm a perfectionist and a hard-worker like her. Other than that I have a lot of my dad's qualities, and look a lot like him. (:

Great post title! I love Harry Nilsson. I do really like documentaries. I haven't watched one in a while but the last one I saw was about Leonard Cohen.

Fashion Rehab said...

Thanks girl, following you on bloglovin too :).

ps: love the skirt!!

Sarah said...

Beautiful look. I love that skirt and how it reflects the fall colors. And those tights are great.

Grit and Glamour said...

That skirt is brilliant! And the unexpected. Love this look.

♥ V
twitter: @gritandglamour

archives said...

i love those tights! very cute pic of your and your mom!!! :)

Fashion Rehab said...

Thanks girl, following you on bloglovin too :).

ps: love the skirt!!